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I am not much of a TV-person and though I love movies I seldom watch TV-shows. I occasionally watch Scrubs and How I met your Mother, Simpsons, Family Guy and so on but seldom follows anything, just watch random episodes if it is on TV just at the right moment. Some shows however got me into following them, so I thought of writing them down and share with you guys and all these are series/shows I truly heartily recommend since they have a lot of effort put into them and they are good stuff to watch and not a waste of time (not said any show is but these are in my opinion the best). I am very hard to please when it comes to follow a longer running shows (including anime) or shows in general so this is not just a random list of pics.

No 1. Doctor Who. Does this one really need an introduction? It has been around since 1963 and even if you never seen the show you at least know the image of a Dalek. I know I did and I did not know what it came from until I saw the new 2005 series and that when that image got a name for me. I had some recollection of the word Dalek, but now I understood it. Also the image of a blue phone-box should be familiar to anyone. I have not watched the old ones (yet) and the 2005 version is a good start. Give it a couple of episodes and you´ll be hooked on the best adventure/adventures you ever seen. Cybermen still gives me nightmares, and I watched "Nightmare on Elm Street" at the age of five :/. It is cute, scary, beautiful, philosophical and humorous (and a lot more) so if you haven't watched this show....seriously why haven't you watched this show XD. Allonsy!

No 2. Supernatural. Everything you would find in a horror-story/folklore you´ll find in this show. I am a sucker for "ghost-stories" /horror and mixed with humor it is a win. Brothers Sam and Dean Winchester and Deans beloved Impala (car) are on a never-ending hunt for...basically everything and there is something new in every season. There are demons, angels, vampires, werewolves, hellhounds, kitsune you name it (even a unicorn at one time). Two other main characters are Castiel and Crowley an angel and a demon (more stuff to tell there but I do not wanna ruin anything) and these two are hilarious. Some episodes are really dark and scary and some are so funny you cannot stop laughing and the show often mocks itself. If you do not know these characters and just jump into it is will be less fun, so this is character development on a high level. Or in Deans case, maybe not so much XD. If you want a show that has it all this is for you.

No 3. X-Files. If you have not heard about the X-files...I wanna know what rock you hid under all your life. FBI-agents Mulder and Scully investigates cases of the paranormal, aliens, vampires, werewolves, "Loch-ness"- monsters, ghosts, unexplained deaths, dark matter, fire, weird things in the woods and sometimes finds natural explanations for them but you still have to figure for yourself and it relays a lot on philosophy or how you see things. Supernatural (the show I mean XD) has a lot of references to this show and pays it a lot of tribute. It is mysterious, creepy and has a portion of humor when needed so give it a watch from the beginning and as far as I watched (continuously I am at season five, but have seen random episodes on TV for many years) keeps you on the edge of your seat every episode. Fun fact: Crowley (the actor who plays him) from Supernatural is in the episode "Fire" and actually uses his "Hello boys" tag-line in it (this was before Supernatural).
Give it a watch if you haven't already.

No 4. Gravity Falls. An animated Disney show, yeah you heard me. I cannot understand how this became so hated (loved by many but hated by others)? It is freaking amazing! It has lovable characters, great mysteries and the best humor I have seen since "Adventure Time" (also a good show you should check out if you love controlled randomness that is not random James Baxter the Horse animated by James Baxter and voiced by him...). It focus on Mabel and Dipper two twins who comes to Gravity Falls to spend the summer with their great uncle (Gruncle) Stan. They begin to suspect something is very wrong in this town in a creepy sort of way and start investigating. This show had me at the first episode when it is revealed who Mabels new/first boyfriend really is, and what happens a moment beyond hilarious. There is also Soos the ...uhm janitor (?) and Waddels the pig, you´ll have to see for yourself. Each episode if full of hidden messages and things to notice that will make sense later and something not seemingly important can be the main thing of the episode. It is a heaven of details, humor and cute animation and sometimes it is really scary. If you love "A Nightmare before Christmas"-mixing cute and scary: this is for you. Give season 1 a watch and I just started season 2 (that what is made yet) so I eagerly await every new episode and it is like Christmas ^^.  

No 5. Bobs Burgers. Why does not more people watch Bobs Burgers? It is only four seasons that I know of and it focuses on a family who owns a restaurant serving burgers. Sounds boring right? WRONG! It is full of humor and lovable characters and it is really about how they interact with each-other and what they do. A meeting at the school becomes a whole adventure with all the things the three kids Tina (weird horse-girl), Gene (weird music-soundeffect-lover and life-viewer) and my fave Louise (evil, evil little girl with a warm heart) can come up with. At first I did not think much of it, but the characters are so lovable, all from Bob and Linda (the kids parents), Lindas crazy cat-lady sister, Teddy who never leaves the restaurant and a lot more. The animation is crude but very detailed for a show like this. All the situatins they get into end up unbelievable funny: these guys can make a walk in the park into the most hilarious adventure and everyday issues that would sound boring in any other story brings you to tears of laughter. It takes a few episodes to learn to know these people and when you do they will have a place in your heart forever. Tidbit: Mabel from Gravity Falls and Louise...just listen to them and you will know what I mean.

No 6. My little Pony Friendship is magic. Hello? I even need to tell you...WATCH THIS SHOW! First I though it was an embarrassment to the MLPs I grew up with and literally, I mean really literally, the first thing I ever saw from this show was this:
Now imagine these song-lyrics and scenery TOTALLY out of context for me when I saw it...I could not believe why there was such a hype of this show. They have turned the My Little Ponies into BRATZ! (I grew up with "Rescue at Midnight Castle/Escape from Katrina", "Fluttervalley" and "Bright Lights" so I never saw the "bratty-ponies" episodes.) WHO wants to watch this? It was so close I disregarded it and though of it as a bad thing and the hype was that the message to kids was so awful it was funny. OMG WAS I WRONG!
Then someone showed me this:
I LOVE this show. It is cute, innocent (at most times XD), and has the PowerPuff-girls feeling over it but cuter and less fast-paced. The characters are all lovable, adorable and it feels like watching a litter of kittens and puppies playing together and still feeling manly (...). Good storytelling, good characters, good animation you name it. Effort, time and love is put into this show.

The reason I love the show is because it is cute without being "disgustingly cute" if that makes sense: it is adorable in just the right amount. Even if there are fourth wall-jokes and sometimes insanity (like Pinkie and Twilight going insane) but it never crosses the line of being uncomfortable like some other shows. It never get boring or childish. I also like it for the fact it creates equality saying it is okay to like whatever you want regardless of gender or age.
I also think this is what we would have wanted to see as kids, it never leaves you with something unexplained and do not over-explain things either, gives you big and small adventures without being "fillers" and you cannot stop watching it. You know these characters and they all remind you of someone in your life. I don´t know how it is for others but I have friends like these characters and if there is am issue: we solve it. It is not the "Leader, Muscle, Mechanic and Goof" - character concept (a little yes but not that that is the characters only trait) but well-written personalities of the "Mane six" and the side-characters. If an episode was all about Fluttershy takes a walk in the park and nothing else happens the makers of this show makes that episode interesting and fun. It is good story-writing, good humor everyone can understand, and as said already: well written characters. It does not cram its morals down your throat either. It just have a warm feel all over it and if it is intended or not it feels like nostalgia even though it is not nostalgic yet (if that makes sense). It is also very hard to critique the show cause there is nothing to critique (personal opinion) and toady when everyone just have to be a critic and forget how to enjoy a show or movie instead of bashing it to bits.
WATCH IT and join the herd!!!!

No 7. The Millennium Triology-TV-series edition. The swedish version yes. Technically not a long running series but I find myself watching it over and over. If you like dark, gruesome ( even Gothic? ) violent stories (not Sin City violent but more creepy violent) about injustice and revenge this is for you. If you like character development and going from "I hate this person" to "how could I ever think bad of his person" and vise-verse you´ll love it. I know there is an American remake of it, but guys, I´m sorry but it misses all the cultural subtle and big stuff that makes this the story/characters that it is/who they are (I am talking about the first one "Girl with the dragon tattoo" or "Men who hates women" original title), and if you find the characters bland...that´s the reason why... not saying it is a bad movie, but as a is almost facepalming XD cudos to the intro though, it is freaking amazing. The first movie/series is a murder mystery and a very interesting one and you´ll never guess the ending. The other two installments focus one of the main characters background and nowadays-issues and man....I am glad this is made up, but some of the stuff is true and it is horrible ( do not want to spoil anything). I also recommend the books. If you have a strong stomach and love to see a good revenge justice-serving series, give this a watch. Not for the faint-hearted so be warned and it is NOT for kids. Ever!

Hope you enjoy these shows as much as I do.

Also watch Invader Zim.....
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